Tres cervezas y un Plato nachitos 


30th December: Buenos Dias. The door knocking is pissing me off today. I think I’m just generally quite tired and drained. But anyway, last night Lukas and I went to meet Lillie from work. We hopped on and off a bus (literally). They hardly stop and encourage you to jump off. That’s gonna be hard with my backpack in a couple weeks. They’re really cheap though. I’ve learnt why they sometimes drive so crazy. So if they’re running late, at each stop they have an attendant that jumps off, the bus will still move, the attendant gets the card marked, then he runs after the bus and jumps back on. We were only on it to go up the hill. Then we jumped off and walked through some back streets and then into what is the equivalent of our Canary Wharf I guess. That’s where Lil works. I waited at a cafe. Managed to order an Empanada. Was quite tasty. Then we went to a German Microbrewery. (Just to warn you, the next few days will be mostly drinking, before the trips and days out properly start). 3 cervezas (beers) and a plato nachitos, $15!!! Disculpe me (excuse me) but I’ve just been in America for over a month, in New York for about 2 weeks and that would have cost me $40 at least. So I’m happy with the prices and we’re getting ready to celebrate NYE. Apparently they do like a Guy Fawkes kinda think but you can burn any character you want. And we have to dress up. Lukas wants me to go as an Avatar…. That’s a lot of blue. I’ve said yes but we’ll see. Oh, and I also played some pool in an Irish bar. Naturally, I won the table and kept it for a while until we had to leave because it was boring haha. Was going to bed and there was a spider so I went and got Lil but when we got back it was gone. The little bugger returned later and I dealt with it. My Nanny Muriel would be so proud. Not sure what I’m doing today. Might just sit outside and look at the clouds. Nos vemos luego!  

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