La placita de machachi


We meet Lillie from work and are heading to La placita de machachi, which is north of Quito. This meant, some more buses. They don’t seem to have a maximum capacity. The bus was packed, but he still let more people on. The journey was a little over an hour. We managed to get some seats… On the steps. They don’t shut the doors straight away either. Which is good because you get a nice breeze, but also bad because I honestly think I’m gonna die on one of these buses. It cost like 75c though so at least it won’t be an expensive death. We arrive in Machachi and walk to a bar where Lukas will be playing some music this evening. He’s very talented and I enjoy watching and listening to him. There is a parade going by as well to welcome to the new year (bit early, time difference, never know). The costumes and masks on people’s faces are soooo scary. His friends are very welcoming. We start off with some food (obvs, you know me). We have Pincho, which is tasty flame grilled chicken on a skewer with peppers and sausage which is a mix between a saveloy and bratwurst. F***ing tasty! And a bowl of potatoes in a cheesy garlic sauce. Really, really delicious. And it cost $2.50…. When I said I’d come home when I run out of money, I could be here for quite a while! We listen to Lukas and his friend Deigo play whilst drinking Cerveza (beer/lager). I apologise to all my ale drinking friends. And I really miss ale! And Guinness. Oh and my family and friends etc.. We spend the night at Diego’s house that he shares with his mum, Gloria. They are so welcoming and I’m very grateful for them opening their home to me. We’ll stay for breakfast and then head off somewhere in the morning. :


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