New Year, Same Me.


1st January 2016!!!!! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR/FELIZ AÑO NUEVO.

Now that’s out the way I can say…. EEEERRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Gosh I feel like sh*t. I guess that’s what happens when you drink for 20hrs (Sorry Nan). I’ve spent the whole day complaining, moving around because any position I sit or lay, I feel like I might throw up. I went to the shop and bought some ham, bread, cheese and fanta. It took me an hour to make a sandwich. And then another hour to eat it. I haven’t been sick though. What a waste of $40 that would have been. That’s the approximate amount that I spent for my 20hr drinking session hahah. That’s probably made you sick hasn’t it.

I’m not one for New Years resolutions. If something needs to change, I’ll try to do it whenever it needs to be done. So, new year, same me. I’m just on this trip to learn and not take things for granted. This is a third world country and coming from New York, in my 5 star suite in Soho, my apartment in New Jersey with views of Manhattan and now being here is completely different. I’m fortunate enough to do both and it’s important that I don’t take things for granted. One day I might not be this lucky. I truly appreciate my life and the people in it. Gosh, I must be hungover (emotional).

Later, we order some pizza and have a shandy, snuggled up with the dogs and watch Friends. Always a comfort thing to watch. Being so hungover made me severely homesick. You just need a proper cuddle when you’re like that. The dogs did their best and so did Lil but it’s just the same as being in your own bed feeling sad.

The thing with feeling homesick on this trip for me is that I’m not sure whether I’m allowed to or not. Like, when I’m on tour and get homesick that’s different because it’s my job to be away from home and the people I love. But I’ve chosen to do this. Being away from those people is my choice. So am I allowed to feel sad and homesick? I’m not sure. So I eat more pizza and get an early night and hope it’s just the hangover making me feel so weird.

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