2nd January: I’m over that hangover and we’re going on a trip. Up early so we can make our way to Otavalo which is about 34 miles north of Quito. We get a bus to get a bus to get the main bus that will take us there. Once on this one, it’s about an hour and half but the views are spectacular. Sal keeps taking the piss because my word so far has been its all so “scenic”. But it is!!!! Quito is the highest capital city in the world (9,350ft), so you’re gonna see a lot of beautiful scenery down below (not like that, don’t be rude). Anyway, I’m on another bus and this ones quite nice. The seats recline. I’m at the front so I have a lot of leg room. There’s a breeze. Great!! The views are “scenic”. Oh right, I love buses!! I take some pics and then have a nap for half hour.

We arrive in Otavalo. First things first, almuerzo (lunch). We find a nice looking restaurant and head in. Ok. Now. Are you ready? I order a lunch combo. A large bowl of chicken soup to start, then my main is chicken in a sauce, rice, fries and a salad, and an orange juice. How much? $3!!!! And it was good! $3. I just kept repeating myself. $3. I couldn’t believe it. Lukas finds us a room for the night. $45 for a room with a single and a double bed. Perfect. Nice room as well. Now, my first thunderstorm since I’ve been here. Woah. Pretty intense. We wander around the market and then find a bar. It sells “artisanal” beers. The closest I’m gonna get to a Meantime Pale Ale (Mmmm). We head back to get showered and changed before some dinner.

We go to a little Italian place (yes) and I have a carbonara. It’s made properly with just egg and Parmesan. Lovely. Costs me a staggering $8! Ha. There’s some live music from some local musicians. We drink wine and eat. Then we head to another bar for some more live music. They have a drum machine. With the same beat the whole time. I drink through it. We have a warm punch called Guayusa. It’s hot and tasty. The band do a brilliant rendition of “Funky Town”.

You’re not allowed to flush toilet paper down the toilet in Ecuador. You have to put it in a bun next to it. Now, having toured a bit and spent a lot of time on tour buses and Glenn’s RV, you’re not allowed to put toilet paper down those toilets either. You’re also not allowed to do a number two on them. You see what I’m saying? There’s pooey toilet paper in the bin. At least cover it up with another piece, no? Saying that, sometimes with the public toilets it’s 15c to go in and they give you the toilet paper. Wow, a whole paragraph on toilets. You’re welcome.

We leave and go back to the room.


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