Estoy bien

I know it’s been a few days since my last blog and I’m fine. I spent the first two days of this week writing my blogs and learning more Spanish. I’m learning more every day. I was then planning some new trips and the rest of my route. Next week I plan to go to a butterfly farm in Mindo which looks stunning and I’m gonna stay there for a few days. That will be my first trip on my own which I’m looking forward to (except those darn buses), it’ll be fine. I got caught in a MASSIVE storm the other day. I was walking in it for about 20 mins and my jeans were like they just come out of the washing machine, but before the spin part (mum, Tash, I do know what I’m talking about). That was the day that Lil and I made it the closest to the supermarket. We were in a bar (that word again, Dad) just across the street and we missed it because it closed (it closes at 8pm not like 11pm, so we weren’t that bad). This bar kinda has an American menu which suited me great as I have been Americanised (or I should spell that with a Zee). I’m starving. Lil gets ribs. I get a hot dog. We share some CHICKEN WINGS!! LOVELY. The beer here is really good as well. And it was HAPPY HOUR, 3 for 2. I feel like I’m winning at everything here. We go home.

The weather here is insane. At like 7am it can be grey and overcast, by 11am it’s scorching, by 3pm there will be a huge storm and then by 5pm it’s hot again. Sun always sets at 6.30pm. One minute it’s light (6.29pm), then ka-bam, it’s dark. During one storm the other day, I could hear some dogs crying. I went outside and they were running up the hills, looking for shelter. There was the mum dog and several pups. This goes back to what I was saying about the number of dogs here. I was speaking to mum about it and she mentioned a spaying scheme? I mean, shelters that have been made already like Amigo Fiel and charity’s like Arthur’s Foundation are great, but the demand is always going to be higher than what these groups can deal with. There is a scheme called Happy Dogs in Cuenca which have just done their 10th spay on dogs in that area. I want to do something like this, or help them. I’m heading south at the end of the month to Peru, I could stop by Cuenca on the way. Let’s see.

The next day I walk to the supermarket, no storm this time. But uh-oh, I appear to have walked past it and found myself in the bar again (Sorry Nan). I only stay for two and a massive bowl of sopa pescado (fish soup). Really tasty! It’s a bit more expensive in here but it’s definitely worth it. I FINALLY make it to the supermarket and I’m pleasantly surprised. I don’t really know what I was expecting but I did keep asking Lil things like, “Do they sell mince? Does Quito have cookies?” I can be stupid sometimes. They. Have. Everything! And I’m particularly impressed with the fruit and veg section. I’m making a Chilli for the guys tonight as my cooker was finally installed today too. I end up playing Dale Winton’s Supermarket Sweep and go wild in the aisles. Every Christmas I buy my Nanny Muriel some Ferrero Rocher because she doesn’t like them and then I get to eat them (I think my Uncle Mark started that). Well, this year I was away so it didn’t happen. I saw some on the store so I bought them and sent a pic to my Nan haha.

My spanish is coming along. I think I can read it better than I can hear and understand. I’ll be fine by the end of the month when I venture off properly on my own.

I got a bit poorly as well. I thought it was altitude sickness but I’ve been here nearly two weeks. Touch wood, I’m over it now but I may just stay in and binge watch some more Channel 4 and Bob’s Burgers. Damn, I love that show!


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