Old girl about town

Do you know what I’ve been doing the last few days? Not very much. I wake up every morning at around 7am. I’ve started going for a run in the morning. It’s hard enough trying to do that when I never really run, unless it’s to get to the Pelton for last orders, but to do it at this altitude. Wow. Although, it should do me well should I continue to run in England. When was the last time you got up and did what you wanted? Whether that be go for a run, sit around learning Spanish and looking at maps, or binge watching channel 4 because you miss home. I’ve been here almost 3 weeks now, I’ve been away from home for almost 7. It’s getting easier. But I love having this freedom of doing what I want. When I want. My time in Quito was never really planned more than me arriving on my birthday and leaving on Jan 27th.

Anyway, Lukas and I took a trip into Quito’s old town which is adorably cute and full of history. I’ve never been a huge fan of the past but I am keen on learning on this trip and I think it’s nice to know about where you’ve been. I’ve only had this attitude since I was 28 (less than a month ago) because now I’m old and get up early and want to know everything. Which is strange because when you’re in your teens you get up late and already know everything. It’s like I’m getting up early to learn more. I digress, as usual.

We get a bus there and I wish I had filmed it. This guys driving was CRAZY! I mean, he was driving so fast and braking erratically (reminiscent of a tour bus driver Glenn, Handsome Chris and I had in America 2014, who’s name shall not be mentioned – EVER! For our own sanity more than anything). The next time I have a driver like this, I’m gonna film it. I’ve thought of a new way to explain the buses out here. Ok, it’s like being on a theme park ride but without the safety. I’ll film it next time it’s that crazy. On the way back, for example, the driver was texting. Oh, and a taxi we got the other day, the man had his wife and a TWO children aged maybe 5 and 8, ALL sitting in the passenger seat. When Lukas and I got in, he drove like a maniac! Probably so there was less time for him to be caught with us in his car, but his driving would have drawn attention. Honking his horn, swerving round other cars. We got to our destination in a record time. When we got out the car we kinda looked at each other like, “Where are we? How did we get here? Is my head still at home?” Off on a tangent again. (Off on, good one)

We’re walking through and come to Independence Square where the President of Ecuador resides. We’re lucky enough to arrive as they’re doing a ‘Changing of the Guard’ (we do it better – though I’ve seen ours like 20 times – don’t ask). It’s really great though and the horses were HUGE! Took me back to when we were horse riding and those horses were undernourished and it’s that thing of, “Am I doing the right thing?” I still feel bad about that but I had fun. Advice would be welcomed on that subject.

Anyway, I’ve taken up enough of your time. I’m going to Mindo (finally) to be in the cloud forests and my hostel has a pool. Ciao!

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