Mindo to Quito for $7.25 (65 miles – 4 hours)

I’m getting carried away with this blog malarkey. I’ve even started reading an actual book. One of my partners in crime, Tash, gave me a book for Christmas. I opened the gifts from her via FaceTime. One was a smelly set – standard Christmas gift. One was a box of Earl Grey tea bags – Twining’s, no less and very important when away from home. And then the third… A book! I didn’t hide my confusion at this gift. She knows I’m not a fan of books. Without me saying anything she says, “I know. It’s a book. It’s really good. Give it a go!” Well I do have some time on my hands whilst I’m away, so like she suggests, I give it a go. ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. So far, so good. But then… I had a dream during the night. That I was on a chat show talking about my bestselling debut book. It was part memoir, part fiction, because my imagination got carried away. Much as it is now! Writing a book haha. I haven’t got the attention span. That’s why my blogs aren’t that long. I wouldn’t expect anyone to read for longer than I can.

Slightly off subject (shocking, I know) but I just washed my hair with Dove and I forgot what it reminded me of. Whenever I use my Nan’s shower (Nanny Muriel), I use her Dove. It’s such a comforting feeling now remembering that fragrance. I’m so lucky to still have both sets of grandparents in my life. So rich with love and care.

I’m travelling back to Quito today.

Sitting waiting for a bus at a little shop that luckily has a shelter as it’s raining quite bad. There’s some rain seeping through certain parts of the tin roof but there’s only one bucket in place to catch the waterfall. The different sounds are soothing. It could be a Zappa or Tom Wait’s record. Or me playing with Nan’s old pots and pans when I was a child and thinking I’m gonna be the next member of Hanson. Or, Simon Hanson. Speaking of waits, this one feels like forever. The rain makes me homesick. Reasonably priced cars whizzing by like they’re on a wet track at Top Gear, but no stars are here. This is boring. I hate waiting. Trying to determine what sounds like a bus approaching and what doesn’t. The nice little lady next to me says it could be another a hour. My heart sinks a little. I’ve never wanted to get on a bus so bad in my life.

THE BUS IS HERE. Only 5mins after the lady said an hour. Woo! I bid her farewell. She was peeling garlic. Hate peeling garlic. I jump on the bus and grab a nice seat at the front (more leg room). There’s a movie playing. It’s in Spanish, obviously, but I don’t even recognise the scenes. Some blonde woman is blemeding, she’s found a bag with loads of money in and now she’s killed a man. Goodness. Now someone’s standing in front of the screen. I’m trying to watch this movie that I can’t understand. Move! Oh she has. She’s got off now.

The road to and from Mindo meanders through green surroundings and clouds. I’m gazing out of the window, I have my hood up writing notes for my blog. I’m like Eminem in 8 Mile. I love that movie. I know all the words to the song as well. I rap it to pass time. In my head, of course.

You won’t believe what happened next. A guy got on the bus and in a big, transparent sack he had a couple chickens… They got put in the bay underneath but you could hear it!! I’m being haunted by this clockerel. It’s like that awful timer that’s in the kitchen at the studio.

Oh yeah, I saw a whole pig hanging from a hook under its chin.. I guess it’s his chin. Is that what they call it? Yeah… Not by the hairs on my chinny, chin, chin! A whole pig hanging and bits being cut off of it as people bought. Made me a bit queasy. I like meat but this could turn me veggie. I’ll look away.

I also just saw a dead dog at the side of the road. My first one. Well, my first obvious one. Can’t wait to go home and see my dog. Give her a cuddle and then moan at her for getting her bloody dogs hairs all over me. And Arf. And Coco.

I arrive at Lil’s café and I feel like I’ve arrived home. My last blog title was “I left my heart in San FranMINDO” (you’re welcome, by the way), but I actually also left my charger there so…. I’m gonna chill this week. Maybe go back into the old town at some point and we’re gonna ride horses into the mountains on Saturday.

Have a good week!

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