Ain’t no mountain high enough.

Hiya. Sorry it’s been a week since my last post. My Nanny Muriel even text me to see if I was ok as I hadn’t written anything. I hadn’t written anything because I hadn’t really done anything. I had a few issues with my bank card which meant I had to think about my spending a bit, but I also just wanted to read about where I’m going next. I leave Quito in two days and head south to Cuenca. A pretty looking little city where I hope to meet up with the group “Happy Dogs in Cuenca” and learn more about what they do and if I can help in anyway.

Anyway, on Saturday we headed up into the mountains and it was beautiful. The altitude was insane though. You can only take short, shallow breaths. My heart was banging as much as when someone is knocking on a door here. We rode a cable car to the top. Before we got on the guys were telling me a story about when they went up it with Edie, that it got stuck half way. Why would you tell someone that before they’re about to go on the exact thing that got stuck? I spent most of the journey up planning how to escape should it get stuck, or what I would do if it fell and we were tumbling down. Needless to say, I was very happy when we arrived at the top.

The view was amazing!! You could see for miles and miles and miles. We walk along for a bit until we come to some horses. These horses were better looked after than the ones in Araque. Even if Lil’s one did keep stopping to eat every other minute. But they say animals can sense feelings like fear.. Or in this case, hunger ha. I ride this one solo, right behind Lil as she holds me up. Eventually my horse, named Julian (silent J, Obvs), decided to take a short cut on the bend and we got back in front of Lil. Lukas rides horses as if he were a cowboy in a previous life. I hope he was. We ride for about half an hour, before walking back along and back to the cable car and woooaaaaahhhh!!! It’s worse going down. But a fun worse. You know? When you’re scared but the view takes over your senses.

I missed my Grandad Bob’s birthday this month, but I also missed my Dad’s 50th. I’ve never been more certain of someone’s age on their birthday, not even of my own, because he must have mentioned it at least 200 times in 2015, and then an extra 70 odd times that I was missing it. I replied with, “Well you’ll still be 50 when I get back”. On Saturday when I was riding a horse, he went to the races for his birthday, so I was doing the exact right thing to celebrate for him. I sent him a card though. “20th anniversary of your 30th birthday” haha. And I wrote this for him;

I thought about ignoring the whole age thing,
But you can hardly tell that you’re aging.
To drink with the youth, you’re still able,
You could drink most under the table.
And I think you’re bloody amazing.

This is my last Saturday night with the guys so we have a few drinks, a nap, and some more drinks. My time in Quito is almost done and I’m glad I spent a month with this as my base. I’ve learnt enough Spanish to get along on my own and I will continue to learn more every day. I’m heading to Cuenca, like I said, then back up slightly to Guayaquil so that I can get the bus to Peru. I’m excited for Peru. I really am. But first, Cuenca and my dog mission.

I’m gonna be on my own for the next month. If my blogs turn dark at all, don’t worry. I’m fine. Or if I don’t blog a lot, I’m also fine. Or if I waffle a lot (the norm), then I’m also fine. I’ll be in Rio (via Bolivia), by 29th Feb. I have a friend coming to meet me for 2 weeks! Woo! Peru and Bolivia are gonna be great and I promise to post lots of annoying things so you know I’m alive and well.

Ciao x

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