Guayaquil. Or be killed.

Ok so the heading may come across a little strong or dramatic but I’m not a fan of Guayaquil, pronounced ‘Why-a-kill’.

The bus journey was lovely. So much leg space. And I’m a tall person. Jason “Little Legs” Macey would have got lost. And little Elle. Well, maybe all my friends actually. It was quicker than the Internet said it would be. Just 4hrs. We meandered through the mountains eventually coming into a cloud forest where we were reduced to speeds of around 10mph. You could hardly see a thing. I kept thinking, “That’s it. I’m a goner.” But I think that during every bus ride. It’s made me quite anxious. Get me back to the UK and in Glenn’s Bus with Our Miley driving. We used to put a record on the turntable and say to Miley, “If the record skips because of your driving, you’re fired!” Or he wasn’t allowed the hotel room that night. I’d usually demand it anyway. Diva is the female version of a hustler. 4hrs to kill on the bus. I’ll listen to some music that I understand, I think. Turns out the only music on my phone is Beyoncé and Squeeze. So I listened to a Spanish version of Beyoncé’s ‘Irreplaceable’ and ‘Listen’ to see if I could work out some more Spanish as I know all the words. In English. Then ‘Open’ came on. It was nice to hear the album. I’m mostly used to hearing the songs live. I listened to ‘Harper Valley PTA’ about three times because there’s a point where Glenn giggles and it made me chuckle. Love that song live though. It’s quicker and the energy is ridiculous. At some shows Peter would let me listen from the monitors. This meant I could listen to certain instruments and/or vocals on their own. That was fun. I’m feeling quite nostalgic. The nostalgia soon turns to homesickness when I arrived at my hostel. It’s not great. MoGi’s. I wouldn’t recommend it. Especially for a female alone. The beds aren’t made (that’s not why I don’t like it, it’s just a little annoyance). I know it’s only £7 per night but the last place I was at in Cuenca was the same price and it was ready, very clean and very friendly. I jump straight in the shower. It’s a lot more humid here. I make a call to Mum for some advice. I don’t feel happy here. I always said if I didn’t feel happy somewhere then I would move. She talks me round and finds me another place to stay. I book it, get a taxi and leave. I’m glad I did. I heard the woman say to another guest, “It’s safer to wait inside for the taxi.” Where the fuck am I? It was a 9.2 rating out of 10 on ‘HostelWorld’, the app that I’ve been using. Goodness knows how it got that rating. There was nothing there! I usually cross reference with Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor but didn’t. Lesson learnt. I go to my new accommodation, Villa64. It’s much better. I feel safe and that’s paramount. I’m still unconvinced on Guayaquil though. I just feel…weird here. I’ll see how I am tomorrow. In the daylight. And exploring. After that I head to Trujillo in Peru anyway. Gonna try to get to Laguna 69 which is almost on the way to Cusco. Almost. Slightly off the main route though. We’ll see. I may have a prior engagement in Buenos Aires in Argentina on Feb 13.

I’m still not sold on Guayaquil and can see why it’s a stop for a one night when going on to somewhere else. I’ll explore today and then get the hell outta here. I’m fine though. In my haven on a hostel. Oh, and the taxi drivers I have had here always lock the doors to prevent intruders!

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