One foot in the grave (head)

So I’m heading to Huanchaco, a little surf town just outside of Trujillo. As I’m leaving my hostel in Guayaquil, a French guy, Oliver, has booked the same bus as me, so we split a cab to the bus terminal. He’s nice. He’s 7 months into a two and a half year world tour. I’d do that but I think I’d be single by the time I got back… Sal’s being patient and understating as it is. Haha imagine two and a half years. I love being away but I love being at home. I do currently get a happy split what with tours and gigs. Pretty much away from September to Christmas anyway. A few breaks here and there. Anyway, we get to the terminal and get to ‘check our bags in’. Thought that was odd but also very helpful as I didn’t have to carry around on my back, I then found out, a bag weighing almost 20kg! What’s even in there? We hang around for a bit before we’re allowed to board the bus. 2pm. 18hr journey to Trujillo. I read so much of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. It’s getting really good now.

My first border crossing, into Peru and it was easier than I thought it would be. You get off the bus, queue up in one line to get stamped out of Ecuador and then join another line to get stamped into Peru. Easy. Back on the bus!

The bus has air-con and seats that recline about 45 degrees, which is great until I woke up with a foot in my head halfway through one of my fifteen 20min naps. I kid you not, the person behind me had put their foot up on my seat and into my head. Now, I’m a calm person, unless you’re waking me up. Especially with your foot. In my head. I pushed it down and turned back over. This has been the best bus ride I’ve had so far. From the seats to the air-con to the movie in English or with English subtitles to the on-board meal. Maybe that part wasn’t the best but receiving it was hilarious. I thought we had made a wrong turn as we seemed to be down a little side road somewhere and then reversing, so I assumed we were turning round. No. We reversed into a parking lot almost, and then once we were in, the gates closed… Now. Normally I would get freaked out. Shit. We’re being taken hostage. We’ll be on the news. We’re locked in. But it was just so surreal that I went with it. (The grandparents and parents reading this again like, “What the f^€k?”) They’d actually stopped to pick up our meals. Hahaha. Ah, “Only in South America”. I wouldn’t mind if we were swinging by their equivalent of Michael Roux Jr. but this was more like Mr. Wimpey. A weird rice and chicken dish. I just ate the rice. A weird spring roll. Quite tasty. Some wobbly apple thing. I didn’t eat that. The girl next to me did and regretted it haha.

I get some sort of sleep and we arrive in Trujillo. Oliver is staying in Huanchaco as well so we split a cab again. I’m staying at Casa Fresh. Number One place to stay in Huanchaco on Trip Advisor. And it’s very nice. Welcoming, friendly and surfer dudes. I remember when us girls at primary were in love with Aaron Carter (yeah I said it, I won’t name and shame my friends though) and we used to go to The Arches Leisure centre. He did a cover of “Surfin’ USA”, and we’d sing it and dive in onto the little floats and the guard would blow the whistle. See I’ve always been cool. Sh¡t, this IS becoming a memoir. It’ll soon turn part-fiction.

I arrive at 9am to my hostel, drop my bag and go for a walk. It’s a cute little town. Loads of places to eat. And very cheap. I spend most of the day on the beach. Sorry, I did deserve it after my Guayaquil ordeal. And that long journey. I was lying on the beach and just let out the most relieving (shush) sigh of content and happiness. Much needed. Then I realised this time last week I was just leaving Quito. What sort of time travel is this? I’m here for three nights and then I’ll either head to Huaraz (so I can go to Laguna 69 – Google it – stunning), or I’ll go to Cusco. Now, I’m off to Salsa but I’m not drinking til Rio. Except for when I ‘try’ the wine in Mendoza.

I went into a shop to pick up some water and there’s a guy walking out with a bag full of eggs. I really wanted to say, “Hope that’s not all of your eggs in that bag” but my Spanish isn’t that good and they probably don’t know that saying over here.



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