The road to Cusco

14th February:
It’s my final day in Huacachina. I’ve developed an inability to stay in one place for longer than three days. By then I’m getting fidgety and want to move on. My bus isn’t until 6.20pm so I stay by the pool all day and prepare myself for the 18hr bus journey to Cusco. I realised the date is the 14th February. I also realised that I have 15 days to get to Rio. Now, have a look at a map if you’re not familiar with where I am and where Rio is.. Quite far isn’t it. And I have several destinations that I still want to go to, crossing three borders. It’s fine. I will be able to make it. It’s going to be fun and exhausting and exciting, and should hopefully make for some good blogging.

I get on my bus and I’ve got a shit seat. It’s downstairs at the back which means I cannot recline fully. I’ve gone from never getting buses in London to a bus snob in South America. I watch a movie with Reese Witherspoon playing a clumsy cop and the Latin American woman from “Modern Family”. I can never remember her name. I love the way she talks though. It’s a funny movie. But then there’s a guy from EastEnders (when I used to watch it and thought I’d get all my culture from that because sometimes they had away days), anyway, he was doing the worst Texan accent. Kept dropping back into EastEnd. He sounded like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins (still one of my favourite movies of all time). Then I watched a movie, wasn’t even worth remembering the title. You know a movie where you’re waiting for something to happen and before you know it you’ve invested too much time to stop. Funnily enough though, it was about an 18yr old girl that was writing a blog. I’m writing a blog! I’m… 1(2)8! She was very promiscuous. Ah we’re no longer alike. She wrote her blog in a different name so she could be totally open and honest about the fact that she was cheating on her boyfriend with a 32yr old man who had a girlfriend. Oh the irony. Anyway, it wasn’t great. I think I even nodded off.

I did try to get some sleep. That went as badly as the film. The road from Ica to Cusco is even more windy than any of the others. It was like, right hand down for ten seconds, then left hand down for ten seconds, then right hand down for ten seconds, then left hand down for ten seconds, then right hand down for ten seconds, then left hand down for ten seconds, then right hand down for ten seconds, then left hand down for ten seconds. Multiply that by 18hrs… Yeah! I imagine the driver was turning the steering wheel like they used to in old black and white movies to try and show that the car was being driven. Just erratically turning the steering wheel left and right.

15th February:
I arrive in Cusco around midday and head to my hostel, Pariwana, which is in a really cool part of the town. I drop my bag and head out to arrange my trip to Macho Picchu, which will be for the following day. Ticket sorted for an unreasonable time of 4.30am, I head off to get a late lunch. I decided to try Alpaca. Considering last week I was going veggie for the remainder of my stay (due to some dodgy meat in Huaraz), I must say my choice of Alpaca was unexpected. It kind of tasted like Pigeon. It was ok. Not sure. I’d have it again. I walk around and go to the Plaza De Armas, a beautiful square with more stunning buildings.

As I’m deciding that I need an early night, I also decide that I am fed up with not being able to see properly so drop into one of about a hundred opticians in the area. No idea why there are that many but there are. I manage to explain that I lost my glasses and I need some news ones and that I can’t see far away. They give me an eye test and we figure out what works and they say it will be ready in half an hour. HALF AN HOUR!! I thought I wasn’t understanding properly but I was and it was that quick. And the total price of the whole thing was £25. I skip off down the street declaring how happy I am and thanking them, and also feeling extremely proud of my Spanish. Granted, I imagine to someone that is fluent in the language it probably sounds like someone is constantly pressing the mute button on and off as I speak, but I just got some new bloody glasses and I can see!!!

I go to bed at 10pm, I’ll get up around 4am. Gross. The girls that I’m sharing with arrive back as I nod off and crash around a bit. I know we’re all sharing and need to be understanding of others. I’ll just get them back in the morning, I think.

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