You know, when Puno!

17th February:
I got up at 6.30am to get ready for my 8am bus from Cusco to Puno, so I can go to Lake Titicaca. It’s a 7hr journey. My seat is fine. I’ve started a new thing called “TFC” or “Tactical Film Choice”. This should be done when you have a personal tv that is visible to others around you. Now, I’m not one for a big movie that is too emotionally heavy. I have my own emotions to deal with so I pretty much just watch cartoons. Ranging from Scooby Doo to The Simpsons to Family Guy to King of the Hill to Bob’s Burgers to Bojack Horseman to Archer to anything Disney and Pixar. Any cartoon! However, when someone could be watching my first choice of movie, I suddenly become a bit conscious of my screen-watching-habits. So I try to watch something else first. This is harder when the title is in Spanish and you really do have to judge a book (movie) by its cover.
‘This looks like a serious movie’, as I point at the one with two guys and a girl all looking very serious. You know the kind. It’s a dark shot, they look like they might be running, the cast’s names are in white and the title is probably in yellow and at an angle. It might be underlined. It’s in the ‘Action’ category. I watch it. It’s alright. Nothing to write home about. Or to write a blog about. Oh. Wait. Sorry. The second one is in the ‘Rom-Com’ section and Charlize Theron is on the cover. She rarely does wrong. Although she does here. ‘Rom-Com’. I’ve had more romance and comedy when Sal has been asleep. No. At a funeral? No. Erm, on an escalator in Macy’s in Boston. This ones actually true. A guy said he liked my t-shirt. It said, ‘Beavers’. Then he asked me out. I politely declined. I give up with ‘normal’ movies and opt for Shawn The Sheep. Amazes me how a movie with no words can be better than two with tons of them. I’ve watched a couple of silent movies though and enjoyed those. There’s an app called BFI (British Film Institute) on a smart tv. The one I watched had a woman that was competing in a face gurning competition. Hilarious as you can imagine. I got into those after spending too much time with Glenn. He’s made me watch some weird things. Glenn, Miles and I play ‘Film Club’. Someone picks a movie and everyone else has to watch. If you pick two bad ones in a row, you get timed-out for a bit. Look forward to almost two months of film club (we’re on a UK tour) at the end of the year. We also play a game called ‘Excuse me, Sir’ but I’ll have to ask for permission before I give that one away.

This 7hr journey feels unusually long. Maybe because I’m so tired but I can’t sleep because I have temperamental wifi. Sounds like a personal condition. I’m fine. Honest! Eventually arrive and the first thing I do is book a boat trip to go to The Floating Islands, for the morning. Will be nice to be close to the water again.

I get to my hostel, El Manzano and I have A PRIVATE ROOM WITH A DOUBLE BED!! I’ve been sleeping like The Princess and The Pea recently (top bunk). I lay down right away, after logging in on the wifi of course, and stretch out. Hours pass. I’m not asleep just talking to mum and to Handsome Chris. It’s his birthday. This time last year I was making various shots that were Midori based (a watermelon liqueur). That’s when we discovered Crocodile Sperm (Sorry Nan). We probably didn’t. Steve Irwin may have done. It’s Midori and then a layer of double cream on top. Delicious. Or the Bob Marley. Which was jaigermeister, Cointreau and Midori. There were more but we’d had a lot by then and I can’t remember.

Then I FaceTime Sal for a bit. I think once I get back it’s going to be weird seeing people, and seeing Sal, so we decided that she’ll sit in the living room, I’ll stay in the bedroom and we’ll FaceTime a bit to ease ourselves back in. I can’t wait. I mean, you stay single for almost 4 years, decide to go travelling and THEN you fall in love. You might think the universe was against me. I don’t think that at all. I’m making such wonderful memories and I have someone to come home to. And we can always photoshop her into the pics of me out here anyway. Or come back. I think we will. Greece first though. Already thinking about going away again, with Sal though.. I’ve also been thinking about being back home and it’s going to be so surreal. I’ll probably cry for the first week.

Anyway, I must be tired now as I’m revealing way too much. I’m off to bed to watch some cartoons now no one is watching. Or are they? Gross. Lake Titicaca (haha) in the morning before a 6hr bus journey to Arequipa. Can’t wait to calculate how many miles I’ve covered by the time I get home. I’ll be like an old car that has too high a mileage. Sigh.

Oh, I had some dinner in the main square; local trout which was one of the best meals I’ve had since I’ve been here and also treated myself to a glass of red wine  £2 though, expensive!

Buenos Noches.

PS: If I become one of those pretentious travelling types that name drops a different destination to every other conversation, please tell me and I’ll give you £50.

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