R¡Â įñ R¡Õ

28th February:
I’m getting on a plane. I’m flying with Emirates to Rio de Janeiro so it should be nice. The security at the airport in Argentina is funny. Nowhere near as strict as the UK or the USA. I manage to get onboard with a small aerosol in the form of my very cool insect cooling spray. I forgot it was in my first aid kit that’s in my smaller, hand-luggage backpack. It didn’t explode. Luckily. I’m seated within a group of about 6 guys that are on their was to Thailand (via Rio. Security isn’t that bad that I got on a different flight). The movie I choose is The Big Short about the Wall Street Crash in 2008. Great cast. Steve Carrell, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt. Really good movie as well. It lasts the duration of my flight. The in-flight meal is the best meal I’ve had on a plane. Beef, peas and mashed potato! I LOVE MASH! I like a mash sandwich now and then as well. With baked beans. Yum. I’m not always fancy with the Beef Wellington you know.

When I land I breeze through immigration and security and get a cab to the apartment Ria booked for us. The first address I get to is the wrong one. But the driver has left me. I manage to somehow get the security guy of this building to call the building that I should be staying at. I then asked if he could get me a taxi and he said, ‘No!’ Ok. I’ll go find one myself. At 1.30am. In the middle of Rio. In this dark street. Adventure time. I get a taxi and we eventually find the apartment building. Hoorah! Spanish can work in Brazil, where they speak Portuguese, but I’ll have to learn some words. I getup to the apartment where a lady is waiting for me to tell me how some things work. Lovely. She leaves. I have a shower and go to bed.

29th February:


I slept for about 4hrs before the doorbell was going. Do you ever get that thing when you’re asleep and you’ll hear the phone ring or the doorbell and it fits into your dream perfectly and you get confused. Is it real or just my dream? It was real. She was real. She IS real. We’re in Brazil. She’s full of beans. Obvs. I’m tired from travelling. We get dressed and head out for a breakfast beer at 9am… It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. My Dad and I have that in common. After breakfast we get some cans of beer and head to the beach. Lovely. It slowly becomes blurry throughout the day. We end up at a bar called Ella’s drinking Caipirinha’s and she made me have a shot of Cachaca, NEAT! It’s like lighter fluid. Honestly, I’m surprised I can still see. I think I can see. We head back to the apartment for a bit. Our door is at the end of a balcony which had a tiled floor. Ria was desperate for the bathroom and ran to the door. Little did she know, that our neighbour had just mopped. This resulted in Ria slipping and crashing so hard into the wall. You may have had to be there but it was hilarious. And she was fine so it doesn’t matter. The wall was also undamaged. More drinking and some pizza and more drinking. That’s all I know. BUT WE’RE IN RIO!!!

1st March:
The next day we got to the beach again and then in the evening we head to Lapa. We met up with a friend’s cousin, Darien. He’s been here for 7wks and can speak some Portuguese. Helpful. In Lapa they have some beautiful tiled steps called Selarón’s Staircase. They are the work of Chilean born artist Jorge Selarón and he said of the staircase, “It’s my tribute to the Brazilian people”. He lived next to the steps and wanted to make them look better as he saw them every day so started with yellow, green and blue tiles (same colours as Brazil’s national flag). People mocked him but soon changed their mind when they really started to take shape. In January 2013′ Jorge was found dead on the steps with burn marks. I couldn’t find any further information about his death.

Lapa is where the party’s at! We drink and dance and drink and dance and drink and drink and drink. My body isn’t used to this now. Although, it does need training for when I return home as I’m sure everyone is planning a party for me. Right?